As the President of the Laguna Beach Firefighters Association, representing all our members, I extend our gratitude for visiting our website.

We aim to foster a deeper understanding of the firefighters who serve your community.  We collaborate closely with residents, businesses, community groups, local charities, and the City of Laguna Beach as city employees.  This extensive time commitment directly benefits numerous organizations within Laguna Beach by both on-duty and off-duty members.

We are deeply honored to be part of a profession with a century-long reputation for assisting those in need.  Supporting these noble causes is one way our firefighters express gratitude to the community they serve.  The residents of Laguna Beach consistently demonstrate strong support for their public safety providers, and we aim to reciprocate that support.

Please take a moment to explore our website.  Thank you for standing behind your Laguna Beach Firefighters as we continue to serve you diligently.

Thomas Padden, President